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if a cashier gave you extra change without relizing it and you knew it, would you keep it or give it back

would you pocket extra change given in error by cashier?  

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If I happen to notice of course I do.

I have gotten home and realized there's been mistakes but at that point it's never been a big enough amount that it was worth it to me to bother going back.

But being the math guy I am I usually am doing a mental calculation as they ring things up and if I spot something tend to bring it up before the mistake is even made regardless of who it would benefit.

Mind you, I could be called evil like glassjaw based solely on the number of beers I have gotten for free using the Jedi mind trick over my life. Not that I do that anymore (Karma of course makes beers cost 8 bucks at my favorite drinking establishment not that I will be drinking there for a while) but I have done it enough that the most common price I have paid for beers on average would probably still be zero.

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if its a big company, then yea would and have done.

in fact, I remember getting a free meal from mcdonalds once cause the cashier forgot to get me to pay. Their fault, not mine that I'm getting large corperation money/product for free.

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I would return the money if it was a small business like mine, mostly because I wouldn't want to see the cashier possibly lose their job being some amount short. We're pretty tough on our cashier's being both under and over.

If it was Wal-Mart, or Metro, or Canadian Tire.. wouldn't.

On the other hand, I tend to pay with plastic anyways so these situations have a very very small chance of arising.

Much like GLASSJAW I find it really funny how absolutist some people are being about this, especially in light of how many would return the dollars but pirate (aka steal) someone else's works. Pious is as pious does. :lol:

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Large corporations are typically owned by shareholders for example the general public. That's who you're stealing from. You keep on justifying it any way that let's you sleep at night but that's the truth.

Good luck with your attitude of entitlement. I bet it will get you far in life.

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they're failure to do their job properly is telling me yes its free. Its not their money, and that they will learn quickly. I know, I've been a cashier before, got to be within $5 till amount as recipts. But if you can't take the time to do your job and do simple math, then hey, I'm quite happy when its in my favour.

as for that time at mcd, they have ommitted or got my order wrong so many times over the years that finally their incompetance worked in my favour.

as wetcoaster said, its legal and not "stealing" as you say, its just up to my morals. And they are pretty happy when it goes my way once in a while

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