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Schneider makes it look easy in todays practice


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Well think about it, Schneider is probably friggin pumped, about to play his first game as a starter for an elite NHL club, having ousted another elite goalie for that position. Also he had been playing in Europe and although he got undressed by Kane over there, he was still great other than that (whereas Kane's mom stayed with him in Switzerland to make sure he didn't beat the crap out a cabbie for 25 euros).

Luongo, on the other hand, just got beat for a starting position the year after signing a monster contract to play in a place that he clearly liked. It's understandable that with so much on his mind he wouldn't be playing to his full potential. He also may just be taking it easy because I don't think he did that much playing during the lockout so going full-force right off the bat is a fast route to an injury.

I hope Lu plays well though when he gets the chance, if only to prove his trade value to teams like TOR, PHI, CHI or FLA.

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