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Best way to watch Canucks games online this season (Legally!)


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The link on canucks.com for watch live games isnt working. I heard that there is a $50.00 online package to watch all canucks games. Can anyone point me to where this is? Or to a better legal site?

I live in the US and would love to support our boys this year.

NHL Game Center

In HD......

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never mind, you're the man, im an idiot none-the-less.... GO CANUCKS GO

I thought that was more than $50.00 but its not.

Thanks !!!

i think it was around 200 last year so its a pretty good deal this season. gonna sign up for it myself!

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Canucks usually show on TV almost every single game. CBC/Sportsnet and rarely TSN.

Only if you live in BC/The yukon.

OP, Yes Game Centre is worth it, and yes you will get pretty much all the games, the only games you will not get are the ones that are on local TV in your area. I.E. Im in Ontario, so any games on HNIC or TSN are blacked out but all Snet pacific games are on game center. For you, Being in Philly, and the Canucks not playing any eastern teams this season (until the finals), You should get pretty much all of the games on Game Centre. and yes, its 49.99 or 2 payments of 24.99 this season. Well worth it, IMO.

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Is the quality ok to stream on the tv? Is it hd?

I'm just about to renew my gamecenter and didn't know there was another option.

Refer to my post where it says "it's 720p"

That's high def.

it's $90/yr. a year being 12 months, not season. Because they also show KHL, AHL, QMJHL, OHL, and WHL games.

Check out the preview. Judge the quality yourself. They also show tons of free games.

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