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LA kings stanley cup winners and game tickets are $17.


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Canucks Stanley Cup losers tickets are minimum $100 each.

Vancouver Canucks at Los Angeles Kings Tickets

Sat, 03/23/2013 1:00 p.m. PDT STAPLES Center

Los Angeles, CA Sell Priced from: $17.00 USD

2,116 tickets left

Am i the only person that thinks there is something wrong with this picture? We pay through the roof for game tickets to watch a losing team still not getting it done.

I know where i'll be going on that saturday night. Tickets to LA is cheaper than Canucks tickets.

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Why are you so offended bro?

This is a serious question? What's the reason why ticket prices are so high here? And i'm not just talking Vancouver, i'm talking all throughout Canada. Are hockey tickets that premium that we have to spend so much.

Why are the same tickets in the USA over 50% cheaper. The only thing i can think of is that the organization knows people will pay whatever the cost of the tickets are. This is pretty much legally stealing. I wouldn't mind paying that much if the Canucks had at least 1 stanley cup banner. But no. The premium is there for no reason. It's not like those high priced tickets has contributed to stanley cup rings.

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And you wonder why some teams have no money. Its because they charge 20 bucks for a ticket and they give you a free beer and hotdog. Americans don't give a frack about hockey for the most part, if the tickets werent cheap nobody would go to hockey in the south.

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LOL, doesn't mean we are a losing team. The Canucks have been great the past 4-5 years, our time is coming. Are you saying that teams like Montreal and Toronto are winning teams just because of their Stanley Cups. We all know Torontos playoff situation, and Montreal struggles to grab the bottom seeds.

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