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Trade Luongo and Edler.... OKAY, yes Edler...but here me out first..

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Sooo yes.. i know.. i dont want to trade Edler because Edler is prolly the best overall D on our team. But if you package Edler with Luongo, you will probably get something really good in return.

So here goes:


Luongo and Edler


Scott Hartnell (<--- to play with the Sedins.. or with Kesler)

Sean Couturier (<--- our 3rd line centre, or 2nd line centre when Kes is out)

and 1st Round or 2nd Round pick (whichever one we can squeeze...if Edler resigns with PHI)

With Edler gone, hopefully Ballard (unlikely) will pick up the slack.. but we do want to give a chance to Connauton to develop too... cuz we cant always just trade for serviceable players... we really need to give young players a chance here.

So the lines will become....

Hartnell - Sedin - Sedin

Burrows - Kesler - Booth (<-- Kassian or Raymond; preferably Kassian cuz Raymond sucks)

Higgins - Couturier - Hansen

Volpatti - Lapierre - Weise (<-- or Malhotra for Volpatti or Weise)

Hamhuis - Bieksa

Garrison - Tanev (<-- Tanev for his right hand shot)

Ballard - Barker (<-- Vandermeer / Alberts / Connauton)

Schneider - TBA (whoever's available as UFA)

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So much wrong with this. First off the owner of Philadelphia is on record saying he is happy with Bryz.. So they would have no interest in Luongo

Second, your value is way off. No way is Luongo and a pending UFA Edler who has a history of back issues and has even admited he may never be 100% will ney Vancouver Hartnell, Couturier and a 1st.

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REALLY?... Luongo and Edler wouldnt be able to get you Hartnell and Couturier???... Come on.... PHI's D isnt that great... they could definitely use Edler on their blueline esp with Pronger out indefinitely...

Okay... without the draft pick..... Luongo + Edler for Hartnell + Couturier? Would y'al consider that?

I personally think they could squeeze something more... and Hartnell only really had one impressive year (which was last year)... Couturier is good but there's still some uncertainty of whether he will truly become REAL good... i dont know.. just saying.

Edler was dominant 2 years ago before he was out for like 20 games... last year, he was an all-star.... and now this year, Edler's healthy...

but dont get me wrong.. if Edler re-signs, I'm more than happy to see the Canucks buy out Ballard at the end of the season... I love Edler.. best D overall on the team... but given our offensive woes currently, we could really switch it up...

Or.. give PHI Mason Raymond as well? ahahaha.

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I think the problem with this proposal is not value of the players, its the contracts. Hartnell is locked up into a pretty reasonable contract up till 2020 season (he can concievably play a few more seasons after this) and Couturier is of course on ELC. Whereas Edler is a UFA after this season and Luongo's contract is bad (not because of cap hit now but later when he is in the twilight of his carrer with much doubt that he will finish his contract)

Philly would love to have both Luongo and Edler on their roster, with them they would arguably be the number one contender for the cup. But, Philly can't move significant pieces to aquire other significant pieces, to them this would be unilateral move leading to contract headaches in the future.

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