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Police Shoot, Kill Dog When Going To A Home By Mistake


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Police Shoot, Kill Dog When Going To A Home By Mistake


ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – An Adams County man is in shock after he says deputies shot and killed his dog.

Jeff Fisher said deputies went to his house by mistake. He said when they forced their way through the door his dog Ziggy ran outside and an Adams County Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed him.

“(He went to the door) to see who it was and the police officer shot him three times,” Fisher said. “They killed my dog for no reason.”

Fisher said Ziggy was his best friend and can’t believe he’s gone.

“I called the dog, he turned to come back to me and the police officer opened fire,” said Fisher.

Ziggy was an 8-year-old Blue Healer/Border Collie mix.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office said deputies responded to the address on reports of a business alarm going off.

A spokesman said he can’t say more until the investigation is complete but did release this statement, “It’s our goal at the Adams County Sheriff’s Office to complete a thorough investigation of this incident, be able to answer any questions that people who have concerns about this incident may have and to do right for the owner of this dog.”

Fisher said he wants that deputy to be held accountable.

“I’m on the ground crying hysterically and the police officer says, ‘You need to calm down, you can get a new dog,’” said Fisher.

Fisher said he rents space from the neighboring business where the alarm was sounded.

The attorney representing Fisher believes that animal shootings are out of control.

Jennifer Edwards referred to the elk in Boulder and the dog in Commerce City that were recently shot and killed by law enforcement.

“Something has got to be done about it. They’re taking our family members and I don’t care that they’re the furry family members they’re family members no less,” said Edwards.

Edwards wants answers and reform on how law enforcement deals with animals. She believes a lawsuit is likely.

Fisher said he just wants his friend back, “I don’t have kids. That’s my son.”


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Sounds like it was a mistake by the police calltaker and/or dispatcher.

This is going to be real ugly. Agency will have to pay money for sure. Police don't show up to a house for no reason - the calltakers/dispatchers probably typed a wrong address and someone didn't verify if it's the exact address.

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The worst part is the cops were barking at the owner afterwards saying he could get a new dog.

I'd be hounding them for sure if it was my dog. The media is surely drooling over this one.

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Pretty sure I can find more than ten stories just like this in less than a few minutes. This exact scenario happens all too often.

Of course the dog is going to investigate when strange people barge in. That's what dogs do, they're loyal, they protect.

What's even more outrageous is the comment from the officer taunting the victim. This officer seems unfit to "serve and protect".

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Hmm...a bit of a callous attempt at humour at the loss of someone's loved one, though they be of the four-legged variety.

I'm going to assume that you're either not one who's ever known the unwaivering and complete definition of 'love' of a dog....or perhaps that your sense of humour overode your sense of humanity.

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