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Schroeder or Ebbett?

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Who would you choose to replace Kesler?  

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I don't so much care about the convention of second line scoring and third line checking - my point is more about ice time, matchups and the pressure of putting a rookie in the second line center role, particularly when they haven't exceeded expectations to that point. For Schroeder, a role more like Hodgson's - on the third line centering two way veterans - I think is more appropriate.

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Knowing AV he'll probably choose Ebbett. I want and hope that it is Schroeder though; he's been more consistent for the Wolves this season, and he plays all kinds of minutes on the PK/PP. Ebbett only started putting up points in December for the Wolves, he had all of 5 points in 16 games before that. Just because he's on a bit of a tear shouldn't negate the consistent effort of Schroeder all season.

The potential with Schroeder is there and it's visible, time to start tapping into it.

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Skillwise they all ready about the exact same IMO except Schroeder is faster and has better offensive skill, Schroeder is also younger and is still developing so if we give him the shot it should go a long way for his development and it isn't like Ebbett is a better option really, so their isn't any risk.

Hoping Schroeder gets that chance and I honestly think he will, I'm an AV hater but I am optimistic he will choose JS, unfortunately I missed the game though so I didn't get to see them both for myself.

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I would pick Schroeder only because it is a chance to see what he can do at the NHL level. He hasn't really dominated at the AHL level so it is a stretch to pencil him in on the 2nd line. If it was me, I would put him on the 3rd line and use Lapierre on the 2nd until either Kesler returns or an upgrade arrives via the Luongo pending trade.

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I thought Ebbett should get the second line position just because you can't just slot someone on the second line on a cup contending team when they don't have NHL experience. Ebbett was also an offensive threat every time he was on the ice in the wolves games I watched, whereas Schroeder seemed to be struggling often. With that said, I wouldn't have a BIG problem with him being given a shot, but if it were me I'd go with experience (since it's a 48 game season).

However if I was the coach I wouldn't pick either of them to center the second line, here's what my lineup would look like:



Higgins-Schroeder-Hansen (Higgins and raymond could potentially switch spots)


Ebbet/Pinizzotto (Ebbett can slot in anywhere on the LW or C position, he's a pretty versatile player with a big heart)

I'd put Lapierre on the second line with Burrows because they have really good chemistry, and Lappy can create havoc in front of the net while Danny sets them up with his excellent passing. On paper they just seem to me like they'd mesh well together.

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