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Brendan Gaunce

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The Canucks skating out to U2 is one of the most anticipated things for fans going to games, including myself, gives me chills, you can't take that away from the game experience, when people hear it they think Vancouver Canucks, its unique, its us. I don't get why we need to change it and skate out to music that other arenas use anyway, doesn't make us different, the U2 intro seperates us from everyone.

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After a ton of searching hear are my top picks with links:

Volbeat – A Warriors Call


Blue Stahli – The Pure and the Tainted


Drowning Pool – Soldiers


Drowning Pool – Step up


Powerman 5000 – When Worlds Collide


I put the lyrics so you would get a sense of whether it was appropriate for younger ears. I'm Interested to know what people think? But remember we are looking for solutions not cutting each other down for suggestions. Please give reasons for comments.

After reading the other suggestions I kind of liked both:

Sick Puppies - your going down: language could be an issue

Wintersun - Land and of Snow and Sorrow: a bit anti-climatic

However, still think the top four have a little more bite and excitement.

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How about this one, by angels and airwaves....same type of beat as U2, but better lyrics / implications of what is speaks to and more pace...i sent it in...

teamwork, reaching for your dreams, picking each other up, working for a goal,

Like every single tree reach for the sky.

If you're gonna fall,

I'll let you know,

That I will pick you up

Like you for I,

I felt this thing,

I can't replace.

Where everyone was working for this goal.

Where all the children left without a trace,

Only to come back, as pure as gold,

To recite this all.

best line...

"I cannot live, I can't breathe

Unless you do this with me" - brings the fans and players together, players together...we are all canucks...

imagine the crowd seranading that before a playoff game??? wow you want chills?

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OK, I'm going to go ahead and assume this thread is an acceptable place for me to nominate a new intro song. Dream Theater's Pull Me Under. Just use the intro of the song (first 2 mins or so). This great band is not main stream so it would definitely be a unique selection for us. Have a quick listen:


Tell me that this wouldn't get the place fired up!! It starts with an ethereal quality and proceeds to crescendo steadily until the guitars kick in and culminate in a driving riff of power chords and wicked drums with double bass kicks and intense keyboards. Incredible song that I listen to whenever I'm about to go play a game I need to get up for. Thoughts?

Vote Dream Theater - Pull Me Under for our new into theme!

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I agree that the new song was horrible, and I do feel nostalgia for U2. However, it is time for a change. It has to be rocking, but not necessarily metal. Above is my idea. Some looping and editing to cut out the vocals might make it better, but I'm a bit of a novice when editing these videos.
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Bring E'm Down is another solid pick. I think the best should be brought together into some kind of Poll. I have also enjoyed U2 Since the early 90's but it never gave us the edge we need to win in the playoffs. The way I see it, we are trying to become tougher on the ice and the music should reflect that. You do the same thing and you get the same result. Close but just short, maybe a little more edge form the start can play a small role in making that difference like getting out to a fast start and scoring that all important first goal in the seventh game of a series.

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