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Players that frustrate me. They need to read this post-game and smarten up.

Thirty Niner

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Kassian - All hype, all bark, no bite. Soft. Showed good discipline early on tonight though.

Bieksa - Done nothing since the 2011 San Jose game winning goal. Dude puts on this "I'm Kevin Bieksa face" but is afraid to get his feet wet in the corners. Didn't respond with anything when Sedin was knocked out last year.

Booth - Too busy working on his twitter fan base to work on his shot accuracy.

Hamhuis - Like Bieksa, this guy is supposed to be a defenseman. USE YOUR BODY, HIT, OR DO SOMETHING.

Wiese - This guy skates around and doesn't do much. Can I have Raffi Torres back please?



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I don't like Wiese.

When he is on the ice, the opposition is like "Oh look, it's Dale Wiese."

When Torres was on the ice they were saying "Keep your head up guys, Raffi Torres is out there."

Huge difference.

I want a guy on my team that is hard to play against. Like Cooke used to be. Torres. Ruutu.

I don't care how hated they are.

We need the LA Kings "we're douchebags but we get it done" model. Now or it's going to get too late.

We have the skill up front. We need guys that will grind the crap out of the other team. Bang them up hard and run up the score. It's that simple.

The new model. AV needs to light a spark under the team and stop chewing so much gum, it's bad for your teeth,

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I loved Raffi too, but he was a 3rd liner for us wasn't he? and a 1st round pick? A guy with some years under his belt too. Dale is a sophomore, has mad potential, good size and speed. He can be a legit player some day and isn't costing us anything right now. The list of 4th line players better than Weise is very very short.

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What I don't understand is how people can support a soft team that was knocked out in the first round of the playoffs, when we are 3 or 4 big roster moves away from having the powerhouse we had when we were up 2-0 against Boston in the SCF.

Then people are like, "oh I can tell who is a fan only when the Canucks are contenders."

PLEASE dude.

I am about something the management has not been for the last season, IMPROVING the team. Okay. Obviously what we have isn't cutting it. It's time to innovate. Why can't the Canucks be hard hitting and ruthless? The best effort last season was against Boston, hands down.

Let's just sit with what we have now. When Duncan Keith levels our top forward with an elbow to the head, then what?

We need some Prongeress.

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