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Assuming playoffs is very narrow minded


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Are the Canucks good enough to make the playoffs? For sure but to just assume they will is foolish considering the short season and key injuries and the absolute debacle of our goaltending media nonsense. The lack of humility around Canuck land is astonishing. We should be prepared for any outcome, and not because of 2 bad games , thats retarded, the overall picture may not be in our favor and yet it might turn out to be, but to just assume we are making the playoffs is foolish to say the least.

Go Canucks!!! :towel:

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The OP has a good point, but I'd hardly call it narrow minded. Hopeful thinking perhaps.

No sense dwelling on not making the playoffs. Even Calgary Flames fans think they will make the playoffs.

I try to be a little kinder in my replies (or at least less obvious) but it did suddenly remind me of those ghost hunter shows where the temperature drops suddenly in one area, but more like if it was IQ related.

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