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Jordan Schroeder recalled

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DSedin - HSedin - Burrows

Raymond - Schroeder - Kassian

Higgins - Ebbett - Hansen

Volpatti - Lapierre - Weise

But if Raymond is useless again, move him down to the third line and then bring Higgins to play with Schroeder and Kassian.

So what happens with Malhotra?

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The whole reason to putting Lapierre on the third line over ebbett is so we can have some skill and sand paper on both the third and fourth lines, so when we play the bigger teams we will where them out starting with keslers line then making them deal with lapierres line and then with weises line. There is no question in my mind that the definition of a third line center is to be someone who can score hit and fight and thankefully for us Max Lapierre who will be a Canuck for the years to come is that person, and its time we develop him the way Carbo did and thats y giving him third line duties this season. After all he is a 2nd round pick.

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What a very insightful argument.

Anyways, I actually feel the positions regarding Ebbett, Lapierre, and Malhotra are somewhat interchangeable. Ebbett was not suited for a 2nd line role, but I feel he could do well on the 3rd line. But then again, Lapierre would also fair well on the 3rd line. So one has to ask who would be on the fourth line? I think that position is much more suited for Lapierre due to the energy and sandpaper he can bring to the table. I don't know about you, but Volpatti-Lapierre-Weise sounds way better than Volpatti-Ebbett-Weise. That's why I have Ebbett over Lapierre. Then there's also Malhotra.. it's hard to determine whether Ebbett or Manny played better than the other, because both were pretty awful to watch. Malhotra is a faceoff specialist, but is that alone enough reason to keep him in the lineup?

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