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Give Schroeder someone who can finish plays


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Schroeder looked really comftorable in his NHL debut tonight, him and Raymond have some solid chemistry, personally i just beleive that Alain Vigneault should put Higgins with him, because Higgins can finish plays, which is something that Weise struggles at. Weise did not have a bad game but it was not like his edmonton one where he threw his body at everyone and missed. He looked a little bit less comftorable playing with 2 guys who seem to be much faster then him. I think for next game I would do some tweaking so we can capitolize on all oppurtunitys.

My lines

Sedins-Kassian (played well tonight looks like kassian has found his spot)

Raymond-Schroeder-Higgins (JS and MayRay look good together, with Higgins shot they will do well)

Burrows-Lapierre-Hansen (Burr and Lappy have great chemistry, with hansen's forchecking abilities they will be the best 3rd line in hockey)

Weise-Manny-Volpatti( A very tough line to play against where no one will be out of place)

The D should stay the same

What do u guys think?

Also it looks like the team is getting back in to form, nice to see a faster pace game and nice to see Lappy back with his 7 hits along with Schneider and his solid goaltending, and Bieksa's aggresion.

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Exactly..its so obvious it hurts! The third line played better with Lappy at center and the fourth line played better with Weise there. This is why AV frustrates people. He overlooks the obvious and is too slow to react; Like waiting till the fifth shooter to put Kassian in the shootout. Everbody that saw his moves in the scrimage shootout was calling for him. Put Burrows on the wing with Schroeder and Raymond, AV

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I really enjoyed the game these guys put on tonight. Schroeder and Raymond seem to be having fun.

I really think Raymond is learning off of Schroeder. They both have great speed which makes them a dangerous combination plus Raymond is making good plays now, and not just trying to go through the side boards on the rush, or just taking a lame shot on the goalie's crest. Schroeder didn't seem too nervous, and he seemed to bring some of his energy to the team which is a good sign because our team actualy needs consistent energy and motivation to keep playing. It's tough when you're doing the same job for that long. People are not machines and can't have their emotions in check all the time. Good teams play with emotion. They care!

Schroeder, one of MG draft picks turned out not bad so far in his first game. He did play World Juniors for a reason. He did try to throw his body out there few times. His penalty was a simple mistake of trying to show what he can do. I think he settled down after that. Hopefully he gels in the locker room with the boys. I"m talking about team chemistry here, not anything else.

This is just the 1st game. Let's see what he can do against tougher opponents. The flames aren't exactly Stanley Cup contenders yet..

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