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Things that make you happy! HAPPY

Mainly Mattias

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gotta agree, driving's pretty awesome! Coasting on highways with the windows down on a nice day, with good songs on the radio; w00t can't think of much better!

Also enjoy music (catchy beats ("I'm gonna pop some tags...") or softer tunes, in different times and moods of course), good company (doesn't matter much what we do, as long as we can let loose from time to time), grilled meat and other good foods (self-exp.), humor, sports, beautiful weather... life is good B)

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1) My job

2) the airport where the airplane is based (long runway,ILS, nice hangar)

3) the airplane I Pilot (good one)

4) my nephew (1 year 6 months)

5) my car

6) when the air traffic control decides cooperate and make my life easier

7) fly to the beach with sunny weather...

8) my family

9) nice and hot girls

10) when McLaren wins in Formula-1

11) when Canucks wins...

12) long car trips (I like drive on highways)

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