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Getting Nameplate Changed?


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Hey all,

So last year, after Hodgson's beautiful goal on Thomas in the Boston game, I decided to order a Hodgson jersey, only to have him get traded 2 weeks after I got it :/ I was wondering if any of you knew how to get the nameplate changed from Hodgson to Kassian? Like a place to get it done, or whatnot? Any help would be much appreciated :)

Oh, and Go Canucks Go!!

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I know I'm really far away from all of you, but when I want to customize a jersey, I go to an hockey factory, where they repair equipement and they also make jersey for teams. For a 3 colors double number, "Linden" and his "C" it cost me about 75$ instead of 120$.

So i suggest you to look in the industrial disctrict where you live if there is a little factory like that. It's just a name so maybe it won't be long and they'll do it when they have a 5min.

For all of you guys who want to customize a jersey I really suggest you to find those place, it will be longer because they have to order numbers per 10 or 12, don't remember, but if you can customize 2 jersey for a little more than what it would cost in sports strores, I think it really worth it.

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