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Another Great Schneider Start - Who starts next?

The Creature Blue Lagoon

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Just wanted to post out of frustration as we have been discussing the goalie situation for a while here at CDC.

Tonight against the Sharks showed us yet again that Cory is not prepared to be the starter that everyone thinks he is. Moreover, I think this game showed, yet again, how Cory is not far and away better than Luongo.

With us digging deeper and deeper within a shortened season, I'm left wondering how much longer will the Cory starting experiment last? Will we begin to see a true competition for the starting position?

Theortecially, what happens when Luo starts and dominates the net (its bound to happen in a season), will AV allow him to continue starting. As a paying fan I first and foremost want the team to win, I don't care who starts, but when we have a team that is committed to a goaltender that is clearly not ready, we have a problem?


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I actually would've thought Luongo would start tonight instead of Schneider but it's PRETTY DAMN OBVIOUS that on a back to back night, the other goalie would start the following game after the first goalie gets a start.

It's like asking Calgary who would start tomorrow if Kiprusoff just played tonight. Definitely not Kipper because he's old and any goalie can't handle back to back nights, especially on the road.

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