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[Speculation] Cox: Becoming difficult to imagine a scenario in which Kessel remains a Leaf.

Ilya Mikheyev

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Damien Cox talks a lot without thinking about the consequences, but it is an interesting point - esp. the part about Nonis having no need to protect the deal.

If Luongo is moved to a different team, maybe the Canucks could move some future parts for him, if that's the way Nonis is going to go.

A package something like:

1st round pick

Mason Raymond


Asset acquired in a separate Luongo deal (another pick?)

Burrows - Kesler - Kessel

Higgins - Schroeder - Booth

Malhotra - Lapierre - Hansen

That would be a deadly bottom-9 going into the playoffs and great depth, esp. if Schroeder continues to get more comfortable at the NHL level. Probably also important for Nonis to try to move Kessel to the West conference.

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Speculation's just fine, although I'm not too sure Nonis agrees. Granted, the potential raise he might be interested in might be prohibitive to the Leafs wanting to keep him, but unless they get significant return I don't see how they can move him without it being seen as a total loss (even though he's putting up points).

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