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Locked Threads - The only good source of information on CDC


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Now I understand that 5 new threads about Kassian or Schroeder's game play after 1 game or how much people miss Coy Hogson (There is no D in his name on purpose) is overboard, and that moderators should lock all the redundancies. And they do an excellent job of it. BUT type in search "Luongo Trade Rumour" you get about 10,000 posts. Of which 9990 are one of four posts:

"Schnieder is better"

"Luongo is better"

"Your a Troll"

"No your a Troll"

I don't know about you guys, but I really don't give one crap about your internal CDC drama. Its fun to read peoples opinions but 80 pages of a small handful of posters arguing with each other has zero relevance to me. Everyday when I log onto CDC, the first thing I look for is the locked threads, because they are usually the only source of new information. I do not have the time and patience to weed through thousands of useless posts to get to anything actually relevant. As soon as a thread is locked and the conversation redirected, people stop talking about it and just start arguing again. Not too mention the fact that ANY thread on this board after 3-4 pages turns into exactly what I mention at the start of this paragraph.

Today for example the two locked threads that jumped at me were the Pratt on Luongo trade and Phil Kessel trade threads. Those two were the only threads created in the past 24 hours with anything actually relevant discussed, and they were both locked. We are told it is redundant and to go to the Luongo trade thread 5.0 and sort through hundreds of troll posts to find anyone discussing these topics.

Moderators, is it at all possible to make a new forum called "Locked" were you can send all the "redundant' threads that actually contain information that you would previously lock? That way those of us who came here to talk hockey can do so without interrupting the fragile balance of drama that owns the other forums on this site.

Hell, I would love any option to discuss these topics and read about breaking news on these topics, other then sifting through all the garbage. It is so bad here that the Toronto Maple Leafs site has more relevant hockey discussions then us, and thats just embarrassing.

Sorry for my rant.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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