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Key songs:

Player Entrance: Map of the Problematique - Muse

Goal Song: Electric Worry - Clutch

Powerplay: Joker & The Thief - Wolfmother


Ho hey - lumineers

Ghost inside - broken Bells

The birds - elbow

Down with Disease - Phish

I'm shakin' - jack white (for Joey Kenward)

Save the world (tonight) - Swedish house mafia

Player Warmup

Hustle hard - ace hood

If you want blood - AC/DC

Quiet little voices - we were promised jet packs

Dr feelgood - motley Crüe


Gold on the ceiling - black keys

The house that heaven built - japandroids

Puck drop

We are here to make some noise - Armin van Buuren

1st Period

Hello - Martin solveig

Spread your wings - black rebel motorcycle club

Rumble. Link wray

Tick tick boom - The Hives

Come on come on - smashmouth

Running wild - Airbourne

Heaven or hell - volbeat

1983 - neon trees

Hardest button to button - white stripes

1st INT

Yakety Sax - Boots Randolph (Benny Hill theme - Timbits Hockey)

Default - Django Django

The underdog - Spoon

Levels - aviici

Ready steady go - Paul oakenfold

No limit = 2 Unlimited

2nd period

The pretender - foo fighters

Shut up and let me go - the ting tings

Funky cold medina - ton loc

We found love - Calvin Harris

Blitzkrieg bop - ramones

Rock in black - Mashup (Back in Black vs. We will Rock you)

Rebel rebel - David Bowie

The anthem - Good Charlotte

Reptilia - the strokes

Roll on down the highway - the donnas

My hero - foo fighters (honoring one of my all-time favs, Kirk Mclean)

Enter sandman - Metallica (for Maxx Friedman - happy birthday buddy)

Devour - shinedown

Battle without honor or humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei

Shake your rump to the funk - The Bar Kay's

2nd INT

Dynamite - taio cruz

Stompa - Serena Ryder

Locked out of heaven - Bruno Mars

Climbatize - prodigy

Burn it to the ground - Nickelback

3rd period

Mans gotta be a stone - Colin James

U-mass - the pixies

Lonely boy - black keys

Boom boom - big head Todd w/ John Lee Hooker

Don't stop the party - Pitbull

Elevation - U2

Kick out the epic - Dada Life

Panama - Van Halen

The sweet escape - Gwen Stefani

The whip - Locksley (Canucks win)

Louie Louie - The Kingsmen


How you like me now - the heavy

Everyday people - sly & the family stone

@CanucksDJDave / djdave@canucks.com

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^ Yeah, thought there was a surprise for Wednesday.

Not too bad I guess. I thought I knew a bit about music but I guess I'm getting too old or you're just referencing obscure stuff. Out of the list you posted I have absolutely zero recognition of 25/64 or so songs listed.

The third was a fun period and I didn't remember the songs per se but the playlist looks like it's pretty rocking. That's what I would want all the time.

I can see now when you post the play list how impossible it is to satisfy everyone.

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IMO, hiphop/rap can be very effective to get people pumped up, as we have seen in other stadiums. Would be nice to see some more

P.S. I have been pretty vocal about my dislike for your DJing, so I'll be the first to say that it is great that you are posting this on the forum and looking for feedback. Thanks

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You got a tough crowd DJ Dave, the crowd at Rogers arena is not your typical wild beer guzzling hockey addict. It doesnt matter what music you play 75% of the crowd is to busy eating sushi and drinking starbucks while texting on their phone.

That being said, some suggestions I have for you

1. play newer more relevant music radio freindly hits that are playing in the clubs on granville street

example. Flo Rida - Wild Ones ft. Sia.....................Rack City Tyga.....Ellie Goulding - Lights

2.play music that 15-25 year olds are listening to, they have there ear to the streets, ur music is for old people( lol im 30+)

3.play less music. Im surprised at how long your playlist is. instead off all this music use sound bites to get the crowd in the games

example. beat the oileeeers boom boom boom beat the oileeeers

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west coast bands


Alice n Chains

Sound garden


Im not going to tell you what I really think cause I'll get banned again but did anyone notice how awesomely intimating San Jose's Seek and Destroy was?

It actually set the mood for the game. Intensity from the opening faceoff.

Why can we be intimidating?

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Definitely enjoyed some of the music. I wasn't at the game, so I didn't hear a lot of it.

Enjoyed Muse/Black Keys/White Stripes, even Aviici/Oakenfold was a different touch.

Keep eliminating that top 40 pop crap (Rihanna/Lady Gaga/Or whatever else is top pop music now days) and I think you'll get some better reception from the fans.

Seems the only people who actually care about the music are die hard Canuck fans, not the tween girls that listen to that pop stuff.

Keep up the good work.

P.S. Would like to see some intimidating music thrown in there somewhere, maybe the opening or something.

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I gotta say as a sports guy and a music nut i can see it being difficult to make the two of them go hand in hand. However I have to say that people generally are in a happy mood when they hear music they recognize, it usually strikes a memory or an emotion that gets people pumped up. When you played U2 at the entry it was the canucks song, it signalled the beginning of another battle, it reminds us of them stepping on the ice in 2011 for the cup and all of those great battles along the way. The Muse last night is a great song, just not for that context, not enough people know it and can relate to it, plus it was way too quiet hence not getting the crowd moving. When Streets came on with that siren going off it was an epic moment. I was really disappointed with the intro to the game last night it just seemed so vanilla.

Everyone says avoid Cliche songs but this isn't a hipster bar its a hockey game, foo fighters, green day, Nirvana, Soundgarden ACDC, Even Nickleback (Yes I am aware most people deny liking them as do i for the most part but you cannot deny their music gets people jacked up, and that version of burn it down you played last night was BS, its basically just a bass line, dude you need the vocals)

Keep some of the pop and hip hop as all of it caters to different segments like the kids but more or less everyone can tolerate it and gets people in a happy mood.

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Awesome playlist DJ Dave!!!! I don't think Dynamite by Taio Cruz should be played at any game ever, but thats my opinion. I was digging the Muse, but it seems to just not quite be the one.

A song from a local Victoria band on their 2002 album called Blades of Steel. This song always gets me uber pumped for hockey, would be cool here to hear some time as no other rink is playing it, since no other rink has heard it!

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for the love of god please ditch sweet escape by gwen stefani. That song was annoying when it came out and still annoying now. The playlist looks a bit more rocking.. also breathe by prodigy always works if you want some atmospheric electronica.

Also stupid question but do we have an organ? I don't remember hearing it for a few years now

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