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Value-Beagle,Forsberg and 2013 1st

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Beagle,Forsberg, 1st rd pick 2013

I'd ask for Kuznetsov, Neuvirth/Holtby and a 1st rd pick


Luongo, Raymond, 2nd rd pick

Lu---> Kuznetsov,Neuvirth/Holtby

Raymond, 2nd--->1st rd pick

I'd also consider either Brouwer or Ward, both are big,physical players with offensive upside

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I disagree with raymond and a second overvaluing a first round pick in this season's draft. All of these guys have potential to be something amazing. Raymond probably won't ever make it as more than a 2nd/3rd liner. That being said, I'd like to be proved wrong because I'm a mayray fan. It seems as if his iq has gone up a ton this season.

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Kuznetsov is unreal good with a superstar potential. Only thing is I don't see him coming to play for the canucks. He himself said that if Ovechkin, Datzyuk, and Kovalchuk weren't in the NHL he wouldn't even consider coming over. So I definately think him playing with Ovechkin is a big drving force to make the transition to the NHL

Plus he just resigned his KHL contract for another 2 years in the summer since he felt he had a better chance at making the Olympic team if he stayed in Russia. He is a great player with a huge upside, I just don't see him ever wanting to come to play with vancouver.

Forsberg may not have the top end potential as Kuznetsov but I think he'd be a better fit with our team and less risk. It would really suck to give luongo up for a player that may never play a game in the NHL.

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