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(proposal) Changing Regulation and Overtime points

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Regulation win 2pts

Overtime/Shootout win 1pt

Regulation/Overtime/Shootout loss 0pts

a loss should not give you a point, Florida made the playoffs last year because they hung on until overtime to get a point. this would make teams work harder to win in regulation time and the last 5 min of a tie going into OT would be very exciting. what do you think?

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This is brilliant. Too many teams like the Canucks have no problem playing for ties these days because the point system is botched due to the shootout. If you get a tie you get a point and then a 50/50 chance at getting another point. Any gambler would take those odds and so does AV, to great advantage, but it cheapens parity because they give away points to every team.

The system with soccer works because it deters tying. If you tie you get one point each while a competitor playing the same day and winning gets 3 points. In hockey if you tie you still stay easily stay within grasp of those getting two points. The only problem with this could purists and stats, etc. Going to 1 point for a OT win or shootout win keeps the dumb shootout alive (which I absolutely detest) but it doesn't guarantee both parties and equal share the points for scoring an uncontested breakaway with no one challening you. Yeah ... that's equal to hard fought 60 min hockey game.

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