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Wes Rypien Ceremonial Puck Drop


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Seems like anytime there's a pre-game event that I actually want to see, we get force fed a tsn feed of the game. Instead of seeing said event, we get to enjoy James Duthie's ugly mug and Aaron Ward's asinine comments until literally seconds before puck drop.

Remember the Rick Rypien memorial?

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I was at the game and the ceremony was very good. I give the Canucks organization and players massive kuddos for stepping up to raise the awareness on mental illness. My son was recently diagnosed with high functioning autism (aspergers) and his school has already benefited from programs like Canucks autism Network to provide resources on bringing awareness to mental health and various coping mechanisms. Back in the day, if they figured something was a bit off you were told you were weird and to go sit in the corner. Now there are various tools and resources available to help deal with things and help others understand too. I support these efforts the Canucks are putting forth 110%

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