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Big huge would you?


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Would you do these two trades

Alexander Edler (possibly a first as well)

for Sean Couturier


Corey Schneider


John Carlson

Might solve our youth and third line center problem without giving up too much on the back end

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seriously i think we win huge on this

line up next season

Sedin Sedin Burr

Kass Kes Booth

Jensen Couturier Hansen

Lappy Gaunce Higgins

Volpatti Weise

Hamhuis Bieksa

Garrison Carlson

Bally Tanev




Seriously great mix of youth and vets preparing us for the next 7 years i say great trade

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Carlson not as good as eddy yet but still good

couturier is a younger better version of kesler who will be a great player and allreadu is a perfect third liner. I dont think philly would trade him for edler strait up but it would be close and hes 19 did i mention hes 19

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this deal makes us better

him or hamhuis are the only d that philly would even think of taking and i believe eddie is worth more

carlson is gonna be a stud and so is schneider

if we could trade schneider for courturier somehow then obviously we keep edler but i dont see that happening we need to trade a top d for a wicked prospect and replace the d with the schneider trade

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I think the world of Schneids so, no I don't like the Carlson deal. But if we can get Couts, I'd move anyone not named Sedin, Kesler, Kassian to do it.

At 18, matched up with Malkin all series long. Not only shuts him down, but scores game winners and is philly's best player by a mile in the playoffs. He's going to be better than Kesler but the same type of player, which I don't say lightly. Kes was my favorite player for years

Absolutely, yes please. I love Eddy too but this is a no brainer.

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