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Irans Space Monkey A Hoax?


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they are 2 different monkeys from 2 different launches.

the first monkey with the mole was launched in 2011 (and unfortunately parished)

the second monkey was launched just recently and came back alive.


the original confusion came from the iranian media releasing both pictures of the monkeys without any explanation. and a single british newspaper saw a quick opportunity for a story and without any investigation ran a "story" on it that was quickly spread by other media groups.

the slow explanation still has not gotten through fully it appears.

just on common sense alone; this conspiracy theory doesnt make any sense. If iran wanted to pull a switcharoo~ it would know that it's going to come under immense scrutiny. it would not pick 2 completely different looking monkeys (they are different colors, and one has a distinguishable mole on his face)

they would probably find 2 identical monkeys for the job.



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