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Luongo Vs. Schneider - what the people want?


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So, it seems people's opinion on who should be starting for the Canucks (next game vs Calgary) is pretty split. This is a reflection on not only next game, but seems, for future games in general. Thus far, it seems that the public opinion on who should be the number 1 is fairly split (eerily exact) @ 50/50.

Now, this is not to stir any additional controversy as per seems the aims of the NHL.com poll, but it is very refreshing to see that the public equally support both the goalies and an attitude that should remain throughout. At the end of the day, both goalies are in Canucks jerseys and regardless of who we may have a bias for we should continuously support both goalies equally and endearingly. At the end of the day they ARE both on the same team and thus should always have the fan backing 100%.



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