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Rumor from Hockeyyinsiderr


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From a more legit source:


ARLINGTON, Va. -- The NHL-worst Washington Capitals were handing out votes of confidence Friday, less than three weeks into a season that has so far been nothing short of a fall-flat-on-the-face embarrassment.

General manager George McPhee met with reporters for some 20 minutes at the team's facility and cited penalties and goaltending as the major culprits that have caused the Capitals to lose nine of their first 11 games.

McPhee had positive words for new coach Adam Oates and franchise player Alex Ovechkin, even though the former two-time league MVP has yet to score a 5-on-5 goal this season.

"We're disappointed with the way things have started. It's not over. Nothing that a couple of wins won't really help," McPhee said. "But we're going to make good decisions. We're not going to do anything short-term. We're not going to blow anything up. We like the people here."

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Saw the tweet....no thanks to that WSH junk. I think Holtby has more promise than Neuvirth and I'd have them add Brouwer, Forberg/Kuzentsov in the deal to even make it worthwhile. At this point, someone will have to be very desperate and offer a 'cannot refuse' deal since Luongo is playing well (and Schneider).

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Not true, George McPhee is a self respecting guy.

Luongo >>>>> Neuvirth


Ray is better defensively, is cheap utility guy that adds speed. Johansson is a young guy who has good upside but is not strong at any one thing.

This trade offer is a joke, McPhee wouldn't offer up crap like this

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