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"Kassassin" Trademarked - Kass needs new nickname


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Been using Krass (Krassian). I feel that fits the bill better than anything else.


adjective, crass·er, crass·est.


without refinement, delicacy, or sensitivity; gross; obtuse; stupid: crass commercialism; a crass misrepresentation of the facts.


Archaic. thick; coarse.

On occasion we like to call him big dumb or young dumb as an homage to Todd "Big Dumb" Bertuzzi who was notorious for scoring a goal and then taking a stupid penalty or vice versa. A the good ol' days with WCE gotta love Bert.

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Kassassin is like a sniper nick name. It doesn't fit either player and I don't know why anyone would care that another Kassian trade marked a nickname that doesn't work with Zack at all. The only nickname that seems to fit is the Kassquatch although the other Nucks like one syllable nicknames so in the dressing room he will just be Kass. If one of my buddies calls Kassian the Kassassin at tonights game, he will be getting smacked up the head for being a moron.

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It changes for me depending on the situation.

Don't care about TM's...beast mode = Kassassin.

Crazy man conjures up a Tasmanian Devil image with a Tassian (TM by Deb). Or, Kassquatch.

I think I also came up with Badassian.

And at times, when they're pretty, Passian.

A nice goal means Kassit'sin.

Ahaha, just saw the "Multiple Warning Signs". Nicely played.

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