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How much better will we be when Kessler and Booth return?


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First of all, there is no doubt about it that Kess and Booth are great strong power forwards with speed and skill that can dominate the NHL. However, let us not forget these guys struggled last year...and we expect them to come back right to form upon their return...some even expecting them to blow the numbers out of the water right away??

The team right now obviously is in some sort of a rhythm which seems to be improving as each game passes. We all know that playing time plays a huge factor in achieving that rhythm which is what the return of Kess and Booth will disrupt (especially for the hot rayray, shredder, hansen line).

Lets forget about salaries right now and think: given Kessler's skill set and situation, should he be centering a shutdown 3rd line with Booth when he returns? This will allow the mayray line to continue to click (until they get cold) and more importantly allow Kessler and Booth to ease their way back into the game (with less minutes and less pressure to be a 2-way player).

Basically my point here is, when they're healthy, throwing Kess and Booth back into top line roles right away may not be the wisest choice...for now.

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I don't think either of them are going to return for a while (at least 2 weeks if I had to guess a minimum)

Hopefully we can maintain our recent chemistry until then and we'll have a larger sample size to draw conclusions about who should be taken out and moved where. Tough to say who's going to get taken out.. especially with Schroeder's great play.. Wiese will probably have to come out and Manny? We need some toughness on the 4th line so Volpatti can hopefully handle that and Lapierre. I guess Higgins/Hansen/Kassian will get demoted to 4th line duties.

We'll have a deadly fast lineup though and be able to roll all 4 lines

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The team's play as of late is allowing Kes to take his time and pace his return.There is no rush and that is good for all concerned.

Booth seems to be in the situation now to want to return to action by the interview he did a few days ago that was posted up here.

The addition of any player upsets the chemistry building now but Booth and Kes have to make their way back as third liners in limited ice and then it's wait and see.

Manny,Lappy and Hank have all had very good f/o% in the last few games so it could be that Kes will return as a winger,further complicating matters.His shoulder should not be thrown into 2C action any time soon.Personally,I would like to see how he does on the wing.That would give the .org longer to see how Jordan makes out.

However,this is all good and the coaching staff can worry about it.

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kesler will have the same problem he always has he plays like a shutdown 3rd line centre in his own end and going up the ice he plays like a winger and has never developed into a play making centre like a 2nd line centre needs to be .. even back healthy how good are we expecting kesler to be he seems to be made of glass all these surgeries gotta catch up to him sometime... At this rate we can forget about him ever taking over the first line centre job when henrik is done , kesler is more likely to retire befor him .

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