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How much better will we be when Kessler and Booth return?


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If Kesler's return results in:

1) Less defensive pressure on the Sedins

2) A better powerplay

the team will be damn near unstoppable. Without Kesler and Booth, the team already has the best goaltending in the league and one of the best defense group, and is getting adequate secondary scoring. If the Sedins start to score more as a result of Kesler attracting some of the other teams' defensive personnel and the PP clicks at a higher rate, where will this team be hurting. Pretty much nowhere. Exciting to think about.

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Both Kesler and Booth should get punished for this. We need to send them a strong message that getting injured frequently like this is totally unacceptable. AV should put them both on a very short leash and if they fail to find their game soon enough and contribute consistently at a high level, they will be sitting out games. They need to feel pi ssed off like how Schneider or Luongo feel when they have to sit out while the other plays. I like that the team is doing fine without them. They need to feel that they are replaceable. That will fix them. LOL.

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Trade LU and Raymond for a gritty hard hitting 15 -20 goal left winger and 1st round draft pick and you'd have a scary forward line up. Hmm sounds alot like Higgins only a little bigger.

Sedin Sedin Burrows

Booth Kesler Kassian

-------- Schroeder Hansen

Higgins Lappierre Volpatti

You have a strong lineup with ability to move the three right wingers and three left winger up and down the lineup without putting them out of position depending on who's playing stronger.

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...I am just not feeling bold enough this morning to go there, so I won't.

To the OP, I would be surprised if there were some fans expecting Kesler and Booth to instantly come back to form. We can all be assured, however, that they will be healthy. As for lines, they will slot in on the second line with either Kassian or Burrows as a linemate. The chemistry of Hansen, Shredder, and RayRay is very promising, and I for one do not expect that third line to change moving forward. Once K & B return this will arguably be the best team to dress in a Canucks uniform, leading us all to one overwhelming question...

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Why can't people spell Kesler's name properly?

Anyway, sometimes counter intuitively teams play better when certain star players are out to compensate. I would actually expect the Canucks to drop a game or two while Kesler / Booth find their chemistry / legs once they're back in the lineup. In the long haul though, we'll be needing Kesler come playoffs, big time. Can't wait until he's back.

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Booth and kesler should not play together. They clearly are the same type of player and both want to shoot

proposed lines:

sedin sedin burrows/kassian

higgins kesler kassian/burrows

booth schroder hansen

raymond/volpatti lapierre weise

booth on the third lines gives a balance of size and speed down the wing to even out the 2nd tier scoring

Higgins is a good playmaker for kesler and if kassian plays with him, he can chase down pucks so kesler doesn't have to go in the dirty areas

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