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[Rumour/Speculation] Ryan O'Reilly done in Colorado


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Higgins, Cannauton, 2014 1st, 2013 2nd for O'reilly.

I do this because- we need more up front

more points

more toughness

I think seeing as we cannot move a goalie now and that our window is in fact closing, we need to make an "all in move" without damaging our current team

Cannauton will not break our D core any time soon. Carrodo is probably ahead of him despite being in Junrior.

we draft guys like Sauve, Rodin, Mallet in the second round so we mind as well use that pik to get a young player who can help us

the 2014 first I include becuae O'reilly is young and we will probably get a first or a young player back in a goalie trade.

I do want to watch our team dominate good teams again and O'reilly can help us.

I am open to up grading that 2013 2nd to a first if colorado sends something else back our way.

what do you guys think?

suggest other all in deals that do not hurt our core

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I don't like the idea of moving Higgins. He is one of those low maintenance, hardworking, and at times clutch players. I don't know I think Vancouver is lucky to have him here for what he could have signed on the market in free agency.

I am also not sold on O'Reilly, skillfull yes, but not worth as much as he wants hence not signed yet. Vancouver does not need one of these headaches not to mention he will need top six icetime to maintain any type of production to justify his new contract. Not happening here.

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