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Grateful of AV and MG decision on goalies


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I know that this might seem like a Schneider vs Luongo thread once again. But, as a fan standpoint I think it was of the best interest for the organization to keep Luongo. I've always been a supporter of Luongo throughout the years, because I know what he can bring and I also know how this organization was prior to Luongo.

Having AV start Schneider and be perceived by media and fans as our #1 goalie heading into the season was pretty key. Being a fan of this team for years and years, it is easy to see how the fans and media can dislike a goal with a few soft goals here and there and a mini slump.

Picture our team without Luongo right now. Schneider is already getting a bit of "hate" from the fans and Luongo is still here. The fans at the games, decide to begin cheering for Luongo again and the media is back on the bandwagon once again.

The main point I am trying to make here is that, we as fans need to realize what we have in our goalies and cannot solely blame loses on them. Luongo is a world class goalie and in my opinion he should be the one staying and preparing Eddie Lack for his starting role down the road.

As fans after the Mclean trade back in the 90's to the trade for Luongo in 2006, we remember the dark days for our goaltending. Be grateful for our goaltending situation right now. I'm glad that both goalies are here right now, because as fans sometimes we have a short memory.

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It's one loss people! Calm down!!! Schneids is a great goalie, and we are lucky to have him and Luo as our two options in net.

AV can pick any goalie, literally due a coin toss, and either one will give us a great chance at winning. Yeah there were maybe 1 or 2 sloppy goals tonight, but every goalie has an off night. Cut the kid some slack, stop freaking out, and move on to the next game.

So frustrating to read all these stupid comments about Luo or Schneider after an off game!! Honestly, many fans don't realize just how lucky we are to have such a good team that has a good chance of winning every time they play.

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And lets not make this Luo vs. Schneider

Canucks are playing as a team, they aren't pitting one goalie against another, have consistently said that they feel comfortable with either goalie in net. Why do we fans then always do these silly comparisons after each game?


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