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As a Canuck fan, what would you rather do?


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It seems most people on here are only in favor of a trade that makes the Canucks better if its a completely one-sided robbery of a trade on the Canucks' side.

So I've got a question for everyone:

Would you rather make a trade that forfeits part of the future to give the team a much better shot of winning the cup in the next year or two, or

Would you rather be a team that stands pat. An upper echelon team that has a mediocre chance of winning the cup for years to come but refuses to make an impact trade?

I'd rather we go all in and go for it, but what do you think?

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Yeah I dont see a need for different players to be successful for the next couple seasons, just new game plans. So I say trade for prospects and picks. Sedin's are now the "old vets" at 32 so prospects will have lots of time to develop before we need them to take over.

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