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With Kesler and Booth(soon to come) back in the line-up,

What do you guys think the specials team(PK and PP) will look like?

Here are my predictions:



Edler-Hamhuis(since Garr. is not doing so well...)











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Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Kesler - Edler

- I like Kesler on the far boards like we saw last game.

- Could switch Edler and Garrison if we want to use Garrison's big blast.


Raymond - Schroeder - Booth

Ballard - Garrison



Kesler - Burrows

Hamhuis - Bieksa


Lappierre - Hansen

Ballard - Tanev

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Keep the Sedin-Sedin-Kesler trio together throughout the season. For the second unit, play the hot hand. Have Burrows there and then throw in whoever seems to be playing well that night (Hansen/Raymond/Schroeder/Booth/Higgins).

It might be nice to put Ballard on the PP. He is the only dman with any real speed, which might allow him to carry the puck further the red line, meaning we won't have to watch the 'dreaded' neutral zone drop pass as often.

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I want to see this tried at least once:

PP1: Kassian Kesler H. Sedin

D. Sedin Edler

I think Daniel at the point could work as it opens him up for the backdoor play and trick plays with his brother. His shot is also far more accurate than our other point options. The question is of course his effectiveness when a team shorthanded rushes up the ice.

Meanwhile, Kesler and Kassian would be a lethal 1-2 punch for PP net presense.

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My forward groups:

PP 1: Daniel - Henrik - Kassian (traditional, with one really strong screen and space-maker for the two talented Twins)

I think Kassian needs to play in front of the net while the Twins are out on the PP, both to open up the most space for them to work, and for him to develop best alongside these elite players (he knows how to use his size and strength down low to when he gets pressured along the boards-- thinking Byfuglien - Toews - Kane level effectiveness when optimized).

PP 2: Schroeder - Kes - Booth (Kes is strong in face-offs, plus he'd be a net presence and can control the center of the ice; Schroeder would control along the side boards to make plays for his shoot-first line mates, plus he can set up an umbrella in the back end; Booth's on this unit since he was supposed to work with Kes and he needs to have an offensive role to maximize his abilities as well. As well, Kes and Booth provide the size to get pucks for Schroeder, who should play with bigger wingers).

Ultimately, I think Kesler and the Twins should be separated just so that opponents can't focus too much on one unit (unless they really need to get a late goal then I'd combine the three in one unit); besides, why have one strong unit when there can be two?

Schroeder - Kesler - Booth

Back-end pairing options (in no particular order, but emphasis in having one primary bomb and someone who passes more and is primarily responsible for bringing the puck up ice but can also shoot)

Ballard - Garrison (passer - hard shot, puck-mover - defensively responsible guy)

Hamhuis - Bieksa (same as the dynamic above)

Hansen - Edler (really think that Hansen can benefit with power play time, plus he can fire from the back, can dish to Edler for one-timers and can catch anyone who gets behind him)

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I'd go PP#1

Danny-Hank-Kass/Burrows for net presence


I like Kesler sneaking in from the point with his 1 timer plus being with Edler gives us a RH and LH presence along the boards, he'd also be effective in tracking down shorthanded rushes


Mayray-Schroeder-Burrows/Kassian for same reason


a good combination of a shooter passer and net presence, along with a big shot from the point and Beiksa is really good at A)keeping the puck in even with his skates and B)is good at getting his wrister through traffic on the net.

PK is a bit harder without a good left handed centerman for the face off, but I'd go







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