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Kassian doesn't add any value to the team if he doesn't score

The Dark Knight

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For someone who is so big and supposedly talented, Kassian adds nothing to this team when he doesn't score. If he's going to continue playing like this than I wish that Gillis would have rather traded him for a player with more legit scoring upside in the mold of Hodgson.

-The thing that frustrates me about Kassian is that he's so big and fast but absolutely has no idea how to hit properly or consistently for that matter. He either holds back because he's scared or just has no sense of timing. People were saying this was a good trade because if he's not scoring he would add another dynamic and be hard to play against. I find this absolutely false.

-Does this guy have poor hand eye co-ordination? I swear he bobbles so many pucks and mishandles it when it's either shot around the boards or being passed to in the air.He also makes like 5 or 6 blind passes a game that result in turnovers.

-He is the weakest power forward i ever seen, he does not drive the net or making any power moves to create havoc. Jordan Schroeder has a more gritty game than Kassian

-I'm really finding it hard to cheer for someone who doesn't show any intensity or emotion. He's a big useless plug out there if he can't score or hit. He's not making an impact on the game or using his size at all the last 5-6 games.

He needs to get his act together. Something needs to change in his gameplay

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