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So, what's going on?


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Well, we know what's going on - it's the usual slumping; any team has its highs and lows. However, since Kesler (and now Booth) returned 3 games ago:

1. Secondary scoring has dried up to nothing (5 on 5 at least);

2. The outstanding goalie tandem has slipped (going from 1 GPG, roughly, to 3, roughly);

3. That ironclad defence that was being touted as fallen apart.

We ain't in a Washington Capitals world of hurt, but there is definately some discomfort with the Canucks.

Obviously, if we could fix all three, it'd be great, but what is the most alarming of these three tendencies and how do we fix it to get out of the slump?

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The "issues" are that both Kesler and booth will take a week + (4+ games) before they're remotely back up to playing their game and team systems at anything resembling their best. We were playing well prior to their return because players had been able to settle in to roles in the system. Now those roles have been shaken up again with the return of two top 6 players. There will be another adjustment period as those guys get up to speed.

Garrison especially but the entire top 4 of the defense needs to play better. I'm giving him a bit of a pass as he wasn't really able to train in the off season due to injury on top of coming to a new team, new conference and having had two new defense partner's to gel with. The rest of the top 4 need to pick it up...though Hamhuis has looked a lot better of late IMO. Bieksa's starting to score again but his d-coverage has been spotty at times (perhaps that's not a surprise...lol). Edler's back to his old tricks of looking like an all star one moment and a bumbling rookie the next. The coach's need to find a way to even that boy's keel...though having a partner that's playing better than our top 4 has for the most part would likely help him there.

Give them some time. They're really good players and a great team. They simply need to all get on the same page and more regularly firing on all cylinders. We're still first in our division and third in our conference. If they can maintain even close to that while playing off and on/fits and starts hockey they'll be just fine. I'd rather they sort it out and start playing their best heading in to the playoffs than peaking now anyway.

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