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[PGT] Canucks @ Blackhawks

-Vintage Canuck-

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Officiating was terrible!

Edler and Bieksa were very bad defensively, so many oddman rushes from either of them jumping up in the play. The defense has got to be much much better.

Schneider was amazing!

The first period was the best, but we broke down once again in the 2nd. Very strange.

Honestly, I'm still amazed we got a point out of that one.

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That was one of the worst games we've had all season defensively. Seriously? How many break aways / odd man rushes did they have? If it wasn't for Schneider it would have been 6-1 by the 3rd period. We're insanely lucky to get a point out of that one, we were out played and out skated in almost all areas. Let's forget about this one and move on :/

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One of the most frustrating games I've ever seen. The defence was bad. Again. The officiating was a complete and absolute joke. :picard:

They did show a hell of a lot of heart to come back in the third.

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Schneider definately came up to play in Chicago

Too bad the rest of the team didn't follow with

Nice effort to come back in the third and get a point

The officiating was ATROCIOUS ..... where did thet get these guys .... Pee Wee league ?

GO CANUCKS GO .... on to Dallas

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Thank you Cory Schneider. Thank you Sedin twins.Thank you Ray Emery.

Coaching staff needs an overhaul. Or a system overhaul. Hawks easily exposed us, they can expose our system soo easily.

Hawks came at us in waves & made it look easy. I've been saying this since the 2011 loss to BOS. AV isn't taking us to a cup.

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Worst game of the season for the Canucks. Should have been a 10-1 loss. Maybe then we'd change things up

We know the Hawks like the stretch passes, yet we refused to back up and close the gap on them

We know the Hawks like the power move across the crease, yet we refuse to check them in tight

We know the Hawks read us like a book along the boards, yet we refuse to dump and chase

This was not the fault of officials. Man up Canucks fans. Our team was outclassed tonight. The only player not outclassed was named Cory Schneider.

That was not a hockey game. It was a freaking one-sided barn burner if not for Schneider.

Horrid play by all 6 d-men

Stupid penalties

Weak attempts to clear the zone all night

Couldn't win a single key faceoff

Awful awful effort. Just pathetic.

FWIW though, I don't think Hansen should be suspended

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