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[Waivers] Islanders Place Dipietro on Waivers


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Probably grasping at the last straw before buyout. Doubt anyone takes him. we're having a tough enough time moving an all star thats playing some of his best hockey right now because of the length. Question mark goalie at 2.75?? would still be a bad move for any team.

I guess this might make them for from speculated possible player to a serious player in luongo/schneider discussions. Garth snow makes alot of head scratcher moves too, this is very good news for us haha. Being a former goalie you would think he might have a higher regard and appreciation for lou than most other gm's as well.

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Wasn't Thomas' contract $0 impact for NYI but helped with the cap floor?

Saving 33% on DiPetro is still saving 33% that can be spent elsewhere.

66% wasted is still bad.

More than any other team making a Luongo trade with NYI is exciting.

Snow and Wang are so unpredictable they might give us a dream trade.

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