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[Waivers] Islanders Place Dipietro on Waivers


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So for amusement sake... assume my premise above, that we were willing to take on DiPietro's contract simply in order to buy him out. What would that sort of deal take?


Schneider (don't think Luongo would waive to go there.. .and NYI might be leery to get into another goalie on a long term contract)

To Van:

NYI 1st round pick 2013



DiPietro (for buyout in summer)

Almost no chance of MG spending $30 million of the owner's money like this... but entertaining to speculate.

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This guy is such a crook. I have to think a majority of those 'injuries' were embellished. Ah man, I'd give my left nut to be making a cool 4.5m for doing nothing, while being able to spend it in the big apple.

Seriously though, I understand the CBA has protections against law suits, but the Isles should seriously look at suing this thief!

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This is the ridiculous contract that MG should have taken note of before signing Luongo to his absurdly large contract, IMO. This is an example of what happens when a player signs a massive deal and quite frankly busts, injuries notwithstanding.

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