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Who do the Canucks keep for the future in net after this season? I believe the Canucks will keep both goalies for the duration of this season. Both are playing stellar and the return for either Luongo or Schneider is not even close to what the Canucks feel they are worth. The salary cap will drop after this season and a decision will need to be made at some point..




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If I was to choose right now, Luongo.

Schneids has been the one letting in the soft goals lately, and don't get me wrong he's still playing great, but I'm feeling Lu this year (although I've always been on team Lu, excuse my bias)

I honestly hope we keep them both until the offseason, they're such a great tandem.

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Luongo has been my favorite Canuck since he arrived. He turned the team around and has done so much for this organization over the years that it feels like letting him down if we trade him now. That's been the feeling since summer. But then again, Schneider has been terrific and shown he can be a starter in the league and should be that. Really, really tough choice to make. Schneider is still young, improving and has more years on the top than Luongo has, so logically it should be Cory that we keep and work it from there. But as Luongo is on top of his game and playing like an all-star - why would anyone let him go now?

My choice will be to keep Luongo and let him run with that ball until Eddie Lack can step up and take control. That's years from now, and could fit the plan. Then again, I won't be too upset if we dealt Luongo and kept Schneider. Win/Win situation anyways.

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I would love if luo stayed but I don't see it happening how the "fans" turned on him the last few seasons and everything that happened this offseason.

I'm glad Luo is having fun and finally getting appreciated for the great goalie that he is while people are now turning on Schneider but I think the future is schneider.

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