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He's doing great


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It's funny how people dismiss Hodgson's success by saying he's playing with better players and/or his +/- is crappy.

Kassian played with the Sedins for a while, then with Kesler and had time on the PP. He's currently a bottom-6 because of his poor play. As for his +/-, Kassian is currently at -4, so that's nothing to write home about.

MG mismanaged Hodgson as an asset, there's nothing wrong about that fact.

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Just let it go.. he didn't want to be here.

Kassian is a better fit for this team going forward, and we've had Schroeder step up too. These two are still young players and should continue to improve. Kassian was having success when put on the top line as well.

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Cody is playing well because he is getting top 6 minutes. Fact is, he wouldn't crack the top 6 at all now that Kesler is back. He'd have a couple of goals and a few assists if he was still here. Great trade for both teams

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Blame Kesler the prick and AV the dumbass for him wanting out. Then blame GMMG for making a ill timed trade but don't blame the kid or bring his dad into it. I'd want out too if I were in his shoes and I was born here. Take off the homer glasses people and take a hard look at this franchise, its a joke from the suit wearing fanbase to the gum chewing 'its a process' coach.

Seriously this kid pots 2 points last night while Kass gets 6min of icetime and yet you guys still blame his dad??? Bad trade at a bad time.

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Hodgson actually ended the night at 8 goals and 9 assists, and -4 on the season. At a guess, you responded to the earlier post before he'd assisted on the game winner tonight.

I'd almost disagree with the +/- being "his fault" though... I've watched every Sabres game, and too often earlier on (say the first 12-15 games?) I would cringed whenever the Sabres where hemmed in their d zone and Hodgson was on the ice - cringed because he'd be just hanging there, seemingly lost, not covering his man, like begging for a goal against to unfold. It would not be surprising for a goal against to occur with him on the ice by timing fluke (ie: he'd have had nothing to do with a bad goal against, having just stepped onto the ice), or to occur with him standing lost in his d zone slot.

But the last 5-8 games have been notably different. Not only has Hodgson been more active in the d zone coverage and going into the scrums (as you noted earlier in this thread), but his faceoffs have improved dramatically, he's turning over pucks in the o zone reliably (ie: keeping the puck on the attack), and he's often enough the first forward back on the backchecking too.

I dunno much about the Sabres history with its former coach Ruff and how he normally dealt with newbs (I've read comments to the effect Ruff wasn't much good with rookies, ie: Kassian), but from what I can tell he was great for Hodgson in a way AV is simply not with Canuck rookies.

Since the trade, it's been claimed (by MG) that Hodgson was put into offensive only situations to up his trade value (guess MG thinks it's wise to give the message to other GMs that Canucks mgmt actively work to scam trading partners?), and ice-time stats prove that the coach certainly didn't think to develop Hodgson's two-way game (ie: he was used on the PK, etc.).

Comparably, under Ruff, Hodgson was not so-called "protected" from developing, but actually obliged to develop as an all around player. This seems to be holding true under Rolston as well...

Average joe Canuck fan has claimed Hodgson is only getting points because of Vanek (read the threads here), but anyone actually watching the games and looking at the stats can see a much larger picture and realize this kid is truly developing now...

Faceoffs - Hodgson has drawn by far the largest number of face-offs than any other Sabre (double or more than other centers on the team), in ALL zones, not merely the o-zone to "protect" him. And sure, he wasn't so good earlier on in the season, but with the  chance to develop through genuine learning and experience, he has become increasingly better, arguably leading all centers (Ennis still has a better 57.0% but only has 172 draws and has been decreasing in competency while Hodgson has been steadily improving to 46.4% after 364 draws).

Penalty Kill - Unlike AV, Ruff (and since the coach change, Rolston) has actually used Hodgson on the PK, often enough on the 1st unit. And again, start of the season Hodgson looked newb but has developed quickly to the point he simply does not look out of place. Canuck "fans" call him a defensive liability, but don't seem to realize that he was (and is) a kid still in a learning curve - and now has a coach who is willing to give him the ice time needed to learn. Unlike during his Canuck tenure, as a Sabre Hodgson has had a chance to actually develop his two-way game. And it is developing.

Power-Play - Hodgson is only on the 2nd power play unit (like the Canucks, Sabres swap around players for the special teams), meaning he gets rather limited PP minutes, and also meaning that his point totals are not in any way inflated with the man advantage (unlike, say, the Sedins, Kesler, etc.).

Compare Hodgson's points (on a struggling offensive team at that) with what others have drummed up so far this season:

Hodgson: 8 goals, 9 assists, 17 points, ALL even strength

Vanek: 18 even strength points

Pomminville: 11 even strength points

Sedin, H & Sedin, D: 13 even strength points

Compare with average ice times:

Hodgson: 14:55 (ES), 1:39 (SH), 2:22 (PP)

Vanek: 15:09 (ES), 0:19 (SH), 3:55 (PP)

Pomminville: 14:54 (ES), 2:06 (ES), 3:43 (PP)

Sedin, H: 15:37 (ES), 0:03 (SH), 4:19 (PP)

Sedin, D: 14:39 (ES), 0:02 (SH), 4:17 (PP)

A quick look shows that Hodgson (and Pomminville) is being put to balanced use on the Sabres, being put into all sorts of situations and game circumstances, and the kid is showing good for the learning curve. He's averaging more-or-less what the Sedins are, and against top d pairings like the Sedins, but he is not getting the Sedin power-play time, and he is being used on the penalty kill while Sedins aren't taxed with that responsibility.

Point out (to Canuck "fans" who have fallen for the MG & AV's storyline about Hodgson) that the kid actually has more points than ANY Canuck (other than the Sedins) and more goals (including the Sedins), and the response will be something to the effect that Hodgson is only riding on Vanek's accomplishments. But a closer look shows that Vanek and Hodgson only share the ice at ES, and both are sitting at 18 and 17 ES points respectively (far ahead of the next best, Pomminville, at 11 ES points) - Hodgson and Vanek riding each others coat tails, just like Henrik and Daniel. In fact, Hodgson & Vanek have produced more together at ES this year than the Sedins, who have been playing together since toddlers. So what's the dissing against Hodgson about exactly? Makes no sense.

Hodgson has been on the 1st line, going up against the best lines and d pairings of oppposing teams, he's been taxed to play a significant defensive role, and does not get the best power-play opportunity, and yet he's produced more that the Canucks best players (Sedins), and still there is the constant bashing of this kid? Go figure.

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Hilarious. Who else could be refered to as "He" in a thread title, and nevertheless we all know who and what (drama) the OP is talking about?

cody is doing great. dont listen to the people who think kassian is this super awesome player. i do not know why they never tried cody at centre with kesler on the wing.

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