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He's doing great


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One player makes a team good or bad amirite? Tavares is garbage for not making the playoffs his first few years in the league! Why would Islanders fans be happy about Tavares if he didn't help them make the playoffs! That is basically what you are saying, smarten up.

So if Hodgson's -4 on a team with 7 + players is his fault, what does that mean for Kassian/Kesler's -4 on a team with 10+ players? Why are they such garbage in their own end? Why is Kassian such a defensive liability? He gets so little ice time you'd think the least he could do is not be a defensive liability, but nope he's getting scored on more than any one on the team!

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Kassian has been playing fourth line minutes - which means he's playing with Lapierre and Weise... he is bound to rack up some minuses, as every player who plays that role on the Canucks does. Malhotra's +/- was always extreme on the minus side - doesn't tell a whole lot about that player. If you heard the split stats for Kassian during the intermission of last game, he was a plus playing top 6, minus playing bottom six - pretty standard. That doesn't mean he's playing better hockey when in the top 6, just a different context. He also happens to be a rookie, so I'm not terribly concerned. Hodgson's role is quite different, he's playing with Vanek, and it's not a mystery to those of us who have watched him play - he needs a lot of work on his defensive game.

As for Kesler, imo he was a -4 because he was playing some uncharacteristically weak defensive hockey - I never saw him coast quite as much in the past as he did since coming back - of course, he's recovering and perhaps requested to avoid a great deal of grinding physical play, but he was far from impressive in his own end.

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I really don't worry much about this anymore. I've apologized for making this thread several times already.

Cody is now up to 8 goals and 11 assists in 22 games. All I was trying to say is that I'm excited to have him on the Sabres and that I'm surprised MG ended up letting him go instead of telling AV to give him more playing time. His skating has gotten much better and he is even doing well defending plays his own zone. His minus rating is mostly due to the Sabres defense which is sucking big time this year.

I'm delighted that Kass is kicking ass and taking names for the 'Nucks. Big Kass is a stand-up guy who gives everything he has. His only problem is that he is very streaky. Give him a couple more years to see how his offensive play develops. AV is a complete dumbass for sticking Kass on the fourth line. He deserves to play and develop on at least the third line.

Complain, get mad at me, do whatever makes some of you happy. I meant no offense to anybody. I was just striking up a conversation. Nothing more, nothing less.

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