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Question for the mods- What is the criteria for locking a thread?


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If its redundant and in a previous thread it gets locked.. If its bashing the team or management it gets locked. It has to have substance in the base of discussion and can't be endless ranting..

Also rather than make this thread and push something further down that probably was a more worthwhile subject, you could have just pm'd a mod

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As far as multiple threads on similar subjects, it's often a judgment call. But there's a report button there, feel free to use it if you feel a thread is discussing something already addressed in a current thread.

Following the board rules is a good way to keep your thread open.

Public discussion of moderator actions

Public discussion of actions taken or not taken by moderators is not acceptable. If you have a problem with a moderator or actions taken by the moderators as a group, please private message the Administrator (SN -Admin), and/or one of the moderators. Please give the person you PM'd at least 24 hours to compose a response. You will get a better answer if you are polite and constructive in your feedback. Do not expect a response if you attack the moderator.

General discussion of moderation is acceptable, and should be contained in the Feedback thread posted in the Rules and Feedback forum. Please do not discuss specific instances of moderation actions.

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