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Is it really the referees?


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really? blaming the referees for the losses?

ever since that series against boston something has happened to this team they are no longer that team of skill and speed....

Mr gillis tried changing the image of the team into a boston image............

well come playoffs LA comes and then what happens in the off-season

Mr gillis wants to now make the image into the la kings now

welll the bottom line is this team has lost its image....

this team was a speedy skilled team...now I dont know why they tried so hard to be like boston?

look at this team in 2011 and look at them now big difference!!!

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Unsportsmanlike conduct is a 90% judgement call.

To call it at that point of the game is asinine and should never ever be called.

I don't care about all the other calls made this year, especially the diving. Sorry to admit it folks but that's what the Canucks are known for. If they don't want to be called for those penalties, then stop diving.

Nevertheless, the reffing was poor tonight and it affected the outcome of the game.

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