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Is it really time to panic?


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The Canucks have always had bad starts

records after 20 games







So why should we panic when this has been our best start? The Sedins are finding their stride, we have assets to make this team better before the deadline (Luo/Schneider, Booth, Balard) We've had a healthy lineup for 1 game until Kesler hurt himself again.

Even if we lose the division lead to Minnesota, wouldn't that be a good thing? The Canucks could use it as motivation to win games, they seem lackluster unless its a big game (vs CHI, LA or last year to beat Detroit's home winning streak)

So why is everyone panicking?

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Just an ugly lose vs Calgary - it's really up and down in Canuck world.

Hard to go from a great win like the one against LA to a poor showing like the one against Calgary.

There is no real reason to panic.

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