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One of the following must happen this season...

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What must happen this season?  

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Something must happen this season - if you look at playing top playoff teams in the West outside our division, we're brutal. When the games are close we lose em.

Minnesota is still on us, and the 4-8th seeds are tight tight tight!

One of the following in the poll must happen at some point this season; you decide.

To me, it's between Kesler being dealt or a coaching change (perhaps Ruff or Geoff Courtnall in <?>, Brown/Bowness out; AV will never be fired under Gillis' regime so we'll just face that fact). The goaltending needs to be sorted but can wait until the summer...

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Why wouldn't you include "Fire Gillis" as an option? That would be my first choice. Grabner has 9 goals so far and Hodgson has 10. Imagine how deadly we'd be with them in our lineup.

Gillis should have traded Lu for Kadri + when he had a chance to make up for the Hodgson debacle by injecting some skill back into the lineup. But Gillis passed on that, and look at Kadri now.

We used to be a deep, skilled team that opponents feared, Not so much anymore, and we only have one good forward prospect in Jensen (and Schroeder to a lesser extent).

Our current team is not as skilled as it used to be and our future looks bleak. With that Grabner trade we also gave away our first round selection that we could have used to select Kuznetsov (my first choice), Howden, or Etem etc. Our prospect pool would look much better with one of them in it.

Gillis doesn't know what he's doing, and I lost all faith in him after the Grabner trade.He's pissing me off.

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I agree with option about a new coach haven't liked AV since he started, but I don't feel right now is the time to pluck him, we're injured and still out playing most teams, I feel if van goes to the playoffs healthy and gets out coached like previous series we then make a change. Goals will come wins will come relax maybe they need to head into the playoffs with less expectation to succeed?? The window is short but it's not over this year sedins have 3 more years in them at least

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"Sigh, as much as Hodgson and Grabner are studs, and had potential on the team, there wasn't room to get them the playing time they wanted. just realize this."

- That makes no sense to me. Are you telling me you wouldn't put them into the lineup if you had them? You prefer Lapierre to Hodgson? Booth to Grabner?

- Why do people keep making excuses for the stupid moves Gillis makes?

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