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One of the following must happen this season...

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What must happen this season?  

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This is a stupid thread. You say one of these MUST happen, and then you list a whole bunch of options that are unrelated to each other. This proves that you don't know or care what the problem is, you just want some random change for change sake that may or may not fix the problem, depending on what the problem is.

To summarize:

Stupid thread

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Van is at the point now where there isn't a simple fix. I really like Kassian and I am glad Vancouver has him nor am I a big hodgson fangirl but with kesler's injury its become to clear that trading hodgson away was a big mistake! We are lacking the 3 line center (who is talented enough to slot in for Kes) big time! The solution is for Gillis to make a trade that will actually make this team better NOW not when our window has already closed! So Gillis has to make the trade now or at the deadline that will give us those three or so pieces to make us a contender again TODAY! We need a RSD and a C and possibly if we can get it a prospect/draft pic. We have two very capable super star stud goalies and yet every game we are sitting one on the bench Gillis needs to do something to correct this problem! We also have a coaching issue its more then obvious that AV isn't cutting it anymore so Gillis needs to either fire him or give him a shorter leash! Our PP needs to be re-treaked as well! As for D they all need to start playing like Tanev is. We have a lot of talented players and I really think that with the addition of the right pieces we could be a contender again! So come on MG get to it!

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The only one of those options that seems likely is "some other trade".

Trading a goalie hasn't happened yet for a reason - it might still, but isn't a must.

Trading Kelser is highly improbable (even if he weren't injured).

Firing the coach is also not likely (same cry for AV's head happens every time they go on a slump).

Jensen is unproven.

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I agree with option about a new coach haven't liked AV since he started, but I don't feel right now is the time to pluck him, we're injured and still out playing most teams, I feel if van goes to the playoffs healthy and gets out coached like previous series we then make a change. Goals will come wins will come relax maybe they need to head into the playoffs with less expectation to succeed?? The window is short but it's not over this year sedins have 3 more years in them at least

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Every year we say the same thing about AV! Give him the playoffs and if he is outcoached he should be fired yet every year he IS outcoached, yes even in 2011, and yet he is still here. The only way to get rid of AV is by canning MG. I like Gillis, but he is AV's puppet, so he needs to go to!

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if you look at playing top playoff teams in the West outside our division, we're brutal. When the games are close we lose em.

Really? Well then how come we have more points than them? I don't care if it's pretty or we win convincingly or keep squeaking ahead with one pointers...as long as our numbers are bigger than theirs, we're in.

What we must do is sit back and let things unfold as they will. Until the playoffs, I don't care (honestly). Save it for then. Play like donkeys then kick it into gear if that's what it takes. Let the others go flying ahead, only to possibly run out of gas.

Playoffs. That's where it's at.

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I'm not now convinced you can scrape along in the conference and suddenly produce it in the playoffs. People point at LA but that is a total irrelevance.

They upgraded with size AND quality and only scraped along because they were bedding in. We have been bedded in for years and still don't look like we could handle a best of 7, never mind a series.

People just don't seem to understand that if you are not big enough in the playoffs you sure as hell better be firing on all cylinders.

We can hardly fire on 2 most nights. Even when we are playing well we just don't have the killer instinct at present.

We were totally synced and firing on all cylinders in 2010-11 and we are still recovering...........that's what happens when you lack size the physical players have to play twice as hard to make up for those who aren't, when playing the likes of Boston and LA. That's what knackered Kesler.

AV needs to start settling on his formations and stop messing about. MG needs to come up with something big before the trade deadline or we will fizzle out again.

Mike Gillis should decide what he needs to win a Cup and build towards it.

Sedin - Sedin - Kassian

Burrows- Kesler - Ryan ..........Ryan 6/2 and 216 lbs

Raymond - Matthias - Hansen .......Matthias 6/3 and 211 lbs

Sweatt - Schroeder - Vandermeer (Sweatt is 6/0 and 190 lbs and Vandermeer would make sure Scroeder was allowed to play.......we could get some goals here.)

Johnson - Hamhuis (He's 6/1 and 231 lbs and won't get pushed around)

Bieksa - Komisarek (He's 6/4 and 243 lbs and kicks ass)

Sbisa - Tanev (Sbisa 6/2 and 207 lbs a player who kicks ass and would protect his mates)

I see it is rumoured that the Pens are after Jack Johnson AND Iginla.

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  1. About the worst thing a GM can do apart from trade away all the talent for crap ala Mike Milbury, is saddle the team with horrible contracts.

  2. Luongo is a horrible contract. He'd wouldn't be so difficult to trade if he didn't come with a lifetime contract and you'd actually get what he was worth in return. So now a real asset will be traded for below what he's worth because he has a ridiculous unnecessary contract.

  3. David Booth is way overpaid for what he provides. Try moving that contract, it won't be easy.

  4. Garrison and yeah I get it's early and he needs time but it already appears like he's lost the confidence of the coaching staff. If he doesn't improve and in a hurry that contract will be an albatross around the franchise's neck for years to come.

  5. Ballard is another guy with a seemingly dumb contract. I don't actually think he's that overpaid for what he can do. The problem is the coaching staff doesn't let him do what he's capable of. On another team when properly utilized he'd actually look like a $3.5M defenceman and would be only mildly overpaid.

  6. Do I even need to go back to the LottoMax prize he offered Mats Sundin? There's a salary cap, you can't do stupid stuff like this.

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