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[Discussion] Tyler Kennedy

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He has shown he can produce solid 3rd line center #'s.

He is on the last year of his deal making 2m. Seems to have fallen out of favor this year and his points have droppped off.

What I like about him is he has a ton of playoff experience, has won a cup and usually plays quite well in the post season.

I was wondering if we could maybe get Kennedy and Simon Despres.

Despres is young, yes he is a left shooting d man, but he has good size 6'4 and has some experience in the nhl already.

Not sure what it would take to get these two. I know they would prbably have more interest in Raymond over Booth. But im sure either of them would could do well with crosby or Malkin.

Kennedy, Despres


Raymond or Booth and Save/connauton or a pick

would something along those lines work?

This would allow us to move Ballard, give him a fresh start in say detroit. And we could have a young solid pairing of Despres- Tanev for years to come

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Raymond, Ballard and a 1st?

EDIT: I should say I'm only half kidding. We could work out the value for a deal similar to that perhaps. Raymond and Kennedy's cap hits balance out mostly, so it's just Ballard's $4.2M versus Despres' $840K. Both are left side D, and Despres is getting 3rd pairing minutes in Pittsburgh but is still young and could benefit us more that way.

It depends on what other teams truly see Ballard's value as, and if the cap hit would be too much of an impediment. The Pens have $8+M in cap space now, so it'd be fine for this year but they might have concerns for next year. Perhaps we change up the 'joke' return to something more like this:

Raymond, Ballard and Andersson


Kennedy, Despres and Oskar Sundqvist

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seriously whats the point of posting that? im making a serious proposal, not some joke

if thats all you had to write dont bother next time. Thought you werent one of those ppl on this forum that ruined threads

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ya they have 0 interest or need in Ballard.

I figured they wouldprefer raymond over booth, But booth has more size and is signed after this year, but not sure if they can handle the cap hit.

not sure if pittsburgh needs a D man back in a trade involving despres, I thought they were dangling him for help in the top 6?

id prefer us to get an upgrade over booth if possible and we can use raymond to get us a good 3rd line center maybe

I just like the idea of kennedy and despres coming back our way. Just not sure if they would take Booth back as part trade or if they prefer raymond and hope he can be resigned. booth in top 6 could work out well for them, maybe not like Neal did but his caphit could look like a good deal for them if he was to produce.

Obviously it would be nice if despres was a right shooting d man, but we cant be to picky. can always try to move Ballard for a righty if possible.

We were just scouting Carolina Buffalo. Does Carolina have any interest in Ballard or are they looking for a depth guy and maybe want Alberts back? Or were we scouting any buffalo players?

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