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Split up the twins until Kes is back? (forward lines)


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First off, I'd like to say I've always been AGAINST splitting up the twins. That being said, I think this is the only time it makes a LITTLE sense.

They're playing extremely well together right now but we are a one line team. Av has tried so many different line combinations and I think this is one of our last choices.

Henrik I'm confident about and he can still play like an MVP without Daniel.

Daniel has been struggling a little... I've noticed he isn't getting bounces and is missing golden opportunities, so maybe he'll find some puck luck on a different line. Hopefully he just elevates his game.

Here is my suggestions (feel free to suggest any changes) I'm not an NHL coach obviously... just arm chairing

Line 1. Booth Hank Kass

Booth and kass have been doing pretty well together, just not getting the goals. I'm almost certain this line will be an effective first line. I really think Hank can dominate on this line

Line 2. Daniel Schroeder Burr

Daniel IS good enough and should boost this line tremendously. I would try jshro first instead of lappy as I think his style fits best with Daniel and Alex's.

Line 3. Higgy MayRay Hansen

Loving how this line has played together. I wouldn't touch them ... must give AV props for using Raymond as a center. I never thought it could work. I wouldn't juggle this line at all. Keep them together and they'll get you goals and play well defensively.

Line 4 Sestito Lappy Weise

Lappy and Shro can be changed if need be.

I like this fourth line though... they haven't been great but they don't make big mistakes and get a few chances

What do you guys think? Any changes? Or just entirely a terrible idea to split up the twins?

I won't get into the defense and I definitely won't get into the goalie situation as even I know I'm the biggest Luongo homer out there hahaha.

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I think now more than ever we shouldn't split up the twins.

They are the only thing about this team that is going well, and their point-a-game efforts are the main reason we're getting a point out of games.

I've been for splitting them up at times in the past. But not at the moment.

If the rest of the players on the team can't play good hockey, then they just can't.

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I'm with you on this one.

I'm tired of seeing opportunities wasted because that one extra pass is made. Daniel just might be the play maker the second line needs.

Booth Hank Burrows

Danial Kesler Kassian

Thats a solid looking top 6. I know kesler is out so slot in schroeder until kes comes back

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To all those saying don't experiment with teh tiwins...they are doing okay but the team is struggling and losing. How valuable is it to have them carry on in a bubble while the rest of the team sucks?

Neither Sedin is in the top 5 for points, goals or assists. There is not a single Canucks in the top 5 of any category tracked by the NHL. THis team is not a contender at present and a shake-up is necessary and that includes the twins.

Yes, they have put up points but this isn't about their stats. Hank was the major reason they lost in OT the other night because he and Danny are playing soft, lackluster hockey aside from their PPG production. THe only game this year where I have seen them polay the style of game they need to to really lift and lead this team was against LA in Vancouver. Aside from that, they have basically mailed in 15 of every one of their 20 minutes per game.

MIx them up. If they can't handle it, it just proves they will continue to struggle in the post-season when matchups and adjustments are necessary.

Flame away.

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