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Schneider to Edmonton

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Schneider is 10X the goalie Dubnyk is. No one even gives a crap about Dubnyk when he is giving up 6 goals to the offensively challenged Predators including a goal from center ice that my mom could stop. I wouldn't even trade Cannata for Dubnyk, nevermind our starting goalies.

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If they were smart they would trade hall right now and make Ebs captain.. Even then it's going to be hard to build a decent contract structure after coughing up an undeserving 6mill long term contract to hall. Better be ready to give nuge yak and Shultz 6 mill before they've earned it. Or what about doobie? If he continues to be a good goalie isn't he going to want at least 5 million? I really don't think their future is as bright as they think.

If they're all worth 6 right now I guess you could say gagne is worth 7.5 LOL

I honestly feel better about trading him to the oilers now than I did before. I still wouldn't do it though. If Cory is on the market I'm sure you could find a great deal not in your division

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