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Real issue with this team


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as much everyone wants to blame coach av I want you to look at how horrible the defense are this year before we blame AV...

Real issue with the Canucks is the Defense cant make a decent pass to the fowards in the from there end to the without being intercepted neutral zone

if you notice the players always come back to retrieve the puck its usually the center....

the canucks can't get anything going because of how weak the defense have been....how many breakaways 2 on 1s, 3 on 1s is this team getting this year?

so how could this team play any up tempo hockey if the D can't make a decent long pass

the dump n chase system will not work for the canucks this year (they are not the boston bruins or la kings)

especially with the players the canucks have hansen, schroeder, raymond all are players with speed but the canucks have zero flow in there game this year...(There is no chemistry between the lines)

simple plays dump it in the zone grind cycle back to the point take a shot thats all they do lol


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yetes right tho , our d has been painfull to watch , garrison basically cost us any chance of coming back with a sloppy ass play in his own zone on parise's 2nd goal

its not even having someone like erhoff , these guys almost need to take a few shots before the game to ease to stress , they panic like crazy in there own zone , they panic all over the ice

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The real issue with this team is we dont have a friggin 3rd line centre, an injury prone 2nd line center, has no top 6 forwards playing on the 2nd line and a 5m or 4m backup sitting on the bench.

MG has done absolutely NOTHING to fix any of these problems. He's good at re-signing players at decent cap hits but has an awful track record in the trading department.

He's too 'classy' to make any bold moves. He's waiting for a perfect deal to land on his lap when there is none...

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We played our best going into the 2011 playoffs. From that team, the key players we are missing are, Ehrhoff, Salo, Samuelsson, Hodgson and Torres

I originally looked up the rosters because I was trying to make a point that we still pretty much have the same core and same team but after looking at each player we lost and what they brought to this team, I understand that this team is actually far worse than that team.

We replaced the players above with Kassian, Booth, Schroeder and Garrison.

I have to say, I've always been an MG supporter but now that I look at the rosters, I must admit I was a bit blinded by my overall trust in MG. I gotta say, this roster sucks compared to 2011 playoffs. Moreover, other teams have improved since then while we have gone down. I think this team is at a VERY important crossroads. The window is closing in fast. Do we sell the farm and go for one last shot or retool?

I still maintain that AV should go as the players no longer seem to be playing for him and we are at the end of the day. still player worse than our potential..

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