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Are the Canucks a mediocre team with a good coach or vice versa?

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I think AV is an alright coach who got lucky to have a good team now that they are not so strong they look like a bottom feeder. He should have been canned in 2010 thats when he was schooled by Joel Quenneville for the second time and it was there for all to see. I never liked his coaching style and decisions he seem to thinks its taboo to call a time out to settle things down. At the moment he has a grinder centering shooters and a playmaker centering goons. I think if they go into the playoffs with this buffoon at the helm they wont go far and its next year yet again. I know that there will be those who will mention the injuries so why don't he give Garrison, Schroeder, Booth and Kassian bigger roles and a chance to step up?

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